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Junior Scholarship Fund

In 1998 Kelly Buckwalter (now Mrs. Robert Cassanova) approached Jack and Annie with the idea of starting a junior scholarship fund for two reasons: one was to acknowledge our talented young dancers, and the other was to encourage them to build a strong foundation for their futures. When Kelly approached Jack & Annie about the idea they were very flattered that Kelly wanted to start this project to honor them as well, but they made one additional request. Jack & Annie requested that somewhere on the award the emphasis be placed not on the recipient's dancing ability, but on the character and integrity of the recipient as demonstrated over a period of several years. They stipulated that each recipient must not only demonstrate an aptitude for dance, he or she must also, and more importantly, serve as a positive role model for other juniors by demonstrating character and integrity via strong scholastic and social skills. Jack & Annie volunteered to sponsor this endeavor, adding to this fund for the future awards to these worthy kids.

This scholarship is structured so that the $500 award will be given to the young dancer for furthering the junior's chosen career-whether that be a college or a trade school. We had hopes it would help them to pursue their career goals. Kelly wanted Jack & Annie's names to be on the scholarship so that the young dancers would always be reminded of their roots and have the best role models possible available to them.

Kelly says she has always been extremely pleased with their choices.

Jack & Annie wish to thank all who have contributed to this fund. Your generosity is much appreciated.

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